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Joseph Bonner

The latest articles and inspiration from mental health and inspiration coach Joseph Bonner. 

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My Story

Joseph Bonner is an award-winning media proprietor, CEO, publisher, journalist, celebrity coach, and human rights investigator focused on uplifting and supporting the international community. His advice, outspoken comments, and innovative thoughts published in journals such as the New York Times, Daily Star, The Independent, and others have served to positively influence the mental, emotional and economic wellbeing of his listeners.

Making his first television appearance in the year 2000 on ABC's Court TV, Joseph served as a panel guest, speaking on the global plight of school bullying and violence. Later that year he was featured in the New York Times and interviewed by People Magazine and Extra. A highlight for Joseph was his appearance on the late-night talk show, Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, addressing numerous teen issues and world topics.

Additional career accomplishments:


Producing and hosting the Joseph Bonner Show.

Began publishing Legend Magazine to provide insight and tips on men's lifestyle, health, fitness, and fashion. The magazine later went on to add news and investigative reporting via the Joseph Bonner Reports and media partnership with CNN.

2016 -2017

Founded iCast Media Network LLC, taking over the publishing of Legend Magazine, producing podcast shows, and providing branding, marketing, and social media services.

Expanded iCast Media Network services to include publicity services and celebrity mental health support for media personalities and athletes.


Launched Bully Avengers, a national anti-bullying program providing support to families internationally and investigating missing children cases nationally.


Producer and host of the TV show Joseph, now playing on JBN Network and syndicated internationally.
Host of some 27 nationally syndicated podcasts, including 24 Hours Missing, covering missing persons, missing children, and more.

Joseph Bonner is also the Publisher of Court magazine, Hollywood magazine, Teen Hollywood magazine, Founder magazine, Goals magazine, and Men's & Women's Well Being magazine.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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