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In this very special issue of Legend Magazine, we are covering the life and legacy of music legend Mariah Carey. Please note that this is not an interview with Mariah Carey. It is a special issue dedicated to sharing the legacy of Mariah Carey. 

Get your dedication published in this very special issue!

Your dedication should include your photo and a special message to Mariah Carey, telling her how her music has positively impacted your life.


Legend Magazine will send the print copy to Mariah Carey's team following the publishing date of Dec 15, 2021.

Message Requirements:


  • 300-500 words 

  • Non-political, Non-religious & Non-adult in nature

  • Your photo ( If so desired) 

  • Can include but not necessary: Your social media handle 

  • $10 donation to the Bully Avengers Anti Bullying Program

  • Must send content to us at by Dec 10, 2021. 

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