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How Racism Tried To Tear These Two Apart in 2017

Allie and Michael | Racism is Wrong

When Allie began dating Michael about a year ago, she had no idea it would spark a scene right of out the era of "Jim Crow" laws. She did not know how her choice to pursue a relationship with an African American boy would cause an upheaval in the world that she knew, and how "family" is not just a word that should apply to blood relationships.

An 18-year-old high school Senior by the name of Allie has been under intense stress since her family partially disowned her once they found out that she is dating an African American boy. With a GPA of 4.0 in addition to taking 5 AP courses, Allie has shown that she takes her education very seriously. However, due to her choice to pursue a relationship with an African American boy, her parents have intensified the normal pressures experienced by a high school senior soon to embark on their journey to college.

About a month ago, Allie and Michael approached her parents about their relationship, but their response was much more drastic than she could've ever expected. According to Allie, her parents chosen to no longer support her future, stripping her of her personal savings, car, phone, and her education while leaving her to pay for college on her own although she does not have the ability to get a job due to a lack of transportation. They also sought to get her removed from school clubs that she has been regularly supporting.

Allie took to GoFundMe a few days ago to ask for the public's help in covering the remaining $10,000 of her out of pocket expense for her college tuition, and the response on social media has been nothing short of miraculous. Her post as been shared over 48,000 times on social media and has thus raised over $30,000.

Racism surely has no legal rights in the hearts of Allie and Micahel and the international community has rallied to their support in helping to get Allie's education paid. A partial modern story of Romeo & Juliet, only with a much happier ending mainly because Allie and Michael have the courage to stand up against racism and bigotry with one profound act, namely love.

Allie's GoFundMe

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