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Carson Elementary School Officials Covered Up Bullying That Led to 8-Year-Old Ohio Boys Suicide

CINCINNATI, Ohio (LEGEND) – The investigation into the death suicide death of 8-year-old Gabe Taye has been reopened by an Ohio coroner after video surveillance showed Gabe being thrown against the wall and knocked unconscious by a bully on Jan. 24.

School officials at Carson Elementary School maintained that there was no evidence of bullying when they spoke to Gabe's mother, Cornelia Reynolds.

LEGEND had a chance to view the video online and Gabe can be seen lying motionless on the ground as some student walked past him and others stared at him.

Gabe was lying on the ground unconscious for over 5 minutes.

Two days after the incident, 8-year-old Gabe committed suicide, devastating his mother and sending shockwaves across the globe.

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