• Joseph Bonner

Top 10 Fitness Experts To Follow In 2019

By: Joseph Bonner

We all know how important diet and exercise is when striving to reach our fitness goals.

Following the right fitness coach can provide just the right motivation we need to stay focused on our fitness and nutrition goals in 2019.

Here are the top fitness experts to follow in 2019!

Sergi Constance

Photo: Facebook: sergiconstanceweb

Simeon Panda

Photo: Facebook: simeonpanda

Jordan Yeoh

Photo: Facebook: jordanyeohfitness

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Photo: Facebook: BGFitness

Zac Smith Fitness

Photo: Facebook: ZacSmithFitness

James Alexander Ellis

Photo: Facebook: JamesAlexanderEllis

Fitness Model/Writer Jamie Eason

Photo: Facebook Fitness Model/Writer Jamie Eason

Tee Major Fitness

Photo: Facebook TeeMajorFitness

Josef Rakich Fitness

Photo: Facebook JosefRakichFitness

Trainer Lindsey

Photo: Facebook trainerlindsey


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