• Joseph Bonner

VIDEO | Uber Driver Spends 2 Hours Trying To Get Woman Out Car But That's Not Even Half The Stor

By: Joseph Bonner

A video circulating on Facebook shows how an Uber driver tries diligently to get his intoxicated passenger out of the car.

Kenneth Davis, an Uber driver in Los Angeles made pickups like any typical night when he got the ping on his phone for another ride.

Leslie on the ground outside of Davis Car

A young woman, intoxicated after a night of drinking fumbles into his car for her much needed ride home.

When Davis arrives at the young woman's destination, she is passed out from inebriation in the backseat of his car.

Davis can be seen in video trying diligently to get the young women he calls Leslie out of his car.

Davis decided to record the incident to protect himself from false claims.

After more than two hours Davis finally manages to get her out of the car but does not feel comfortable leaving her outside passed out on the ground.

He decides to go above and beyond the call of "Uber" and with the help of one of the young women's neighbor, helps her into her home.

Leslie at home resting head on kitchen counter top

Davis was a true gentlemen through the whole recorded ordeal.

Davis posted on Facebook that his motto is Safety First.

See the situation unfold when Davis arrives at Leslie's home.


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