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Book Review: CUTS ON ME by Adrienne Ijioma

CUTS ON ME by Adrienne Ijioma is a treasure of wisdom gained through tragedy and life experience that captures the attention of the reader from its use of familiar scenarios, bold expressions, honest reflections, and lyrical word choices.

Ijioma explores topics that everyone can relate to ranging from self-esteem, self-reflection, sexual harassment, anxiety and hope. She manages to blend each situation with thought-provoking clarity, understanding, confidence, and hope.

CUTS ON ME by Adrienne Ijioma, Book Review, Legend Men's Magazine

Not only is this an excellent read, but you will no doubt find yourself self-reflecting on your own life choices, experiences, and triumphs.

When you begin to read Ijioma's work you may be reminded of a similar passionate, bold and gifted poet, Maya Angelou who captivated millions with her authentic expressions of poetic genius.

While Ijioma stands alone in her work as a gifted poet, she has certainly earned her spot among the most memorable poets of the 21st century.

Author and Poet Adrienne Ijioma , the next Mya Angelou, 2019, Legend Magazine Book Review

Author & Poet: Adrienne Ijioma

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