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Joseph Bonner Brings the Inspiration in 2020

Updated: Oct 15

It is no wonder why people are looking to Joseph Bonner as an inspirational source of comfort and support in 2020. From covering issues ranging from business, mental heath, relationships and teen concerns, there seems to be no subject off limits and that Joseph Bonner doesn't have some inspirational words on.

Joseph Bonner | Credit: Facebook

From the very first moment you hear Joseph Bonner's voice over the radio, his calm, soothing and therapeutic words ease have the power to ease fears, worries, and anxieties associated with living in the stress filled world of 2020.

While many celebrities want to be seen and known, Joseph Bonner encourages a spirit of positive self-esteem and worth, where his listeners feel just as influential as Oprah. Why?

Mr. Bonner explains, "Please don't elevate others to a superior status. We are all equal in worth and value. Don't get me wrong. There are certain abilities that others may excel at that may rightly impress you. However, don't look at their strengths as a way to diminish your worth. Appreciate Oprah for her contributions but be YOU. I'm sure she would tell you the same thing."

Yes, Joseph Bonner is adamant at making sure his listeners know and understand their worth and value despite any phase they may be at in their life.

If you have not had a chance to listen to the Joseph Bonner Show yet, we encourage you to check him out wherever you listen to your podcast. We know you'll be glad you did.

Joseph Bonner is also a song writer and artist who has used music to provide inspiration. His latest song, "Keep Your Head Up," featuring Kay, has deep and meaningful lyrics encouraging people to not let present economic and difficult circumstances define their future. In the song he shares a personal experience about a friend who committed suicide. "For me it was really important to share the experience. Although I don't fully blame myself for losing my friend, I think it's a timely reminder for all of us to check on our friends, even our strong ones. You just never really know what people are going through right now and we all just need love and support through this crazy thing called 2020," Joseph shares with us.

Joseph Bonner is also the founder of the Bully Avengers Anti Bullying program, dedicated to providing training, support to schools, corporations and organizations on how to combat bullying and provide a save haven for youths, employees and the community. His Anti-Bullying work is is known internationally as he serves fearlessly as the Anti-Bullying Ambassador and influencer for change.

Despite a high profile, Joseph Bonner is keen on making sure he stays grounded in what really matters most, namely, people. "For me, I really love people an always try to see the best in everyone and give others the benefit of the doubt." Joseph Bonner continues, " we live in such a decisive world and my main object is to bring everyone together for a common goal and that really is to love more and enjoy being loved."

While Joseph Bonner's ideals are pure and his goal idealist, he still keeps it very real on his multiple media platforms and on the Joseph Bonner Show because he thinks authenticity an honesty breeds the best environment to love an be loved.

Joseph Bonner on the Joseph Bonner Show | Credit: iCast Media Network LLC

If you have not had a chance to listen to the Joseph Bonner Show yet, we encourage you to check him out wherever you listen to your podcast. We know you'll be glad you did.

Be sure to connect with Joseph Bonner and follow his journey as he sets out on a quest to inspire the world to love!

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