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CEO’s Making A Difference in 2023 Carol Natasha Diviney of Universe Poems

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Carol Natasha Diviney is the founder of Universe Poems and provides powerful poetic training, coaching and seminars aimed at helping people connect emotionally through poetic expression.

Carol Natasha Diviney has recently appeared on the cover of Legend magazine to share Universe Poem’s inspiring story and is in talks with JBN Kids to host a televised kids poetry corner.

In addition, to address the growing mental health crisi of men, Carol Natasha Diviney through Universe Poems is set to launch Memz Pose, a new men's mental health initiative sure to leave a global impact in 2023.

“I have had the privilege of interviewing Carol Natasha Diviney and Universe Poems and their commitment to mental health is beautiful,” Dr. Love, (Joseph Bonner) tells us. He adds, “it’s so great to see poetic expression still being encouraged and explored and Carol Natasha Diviney is definitely bringing the inspiration 2023 through Universe Poems.”


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