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Health care inflation threatening retirement security

Health care inflation threatening retirement security

A recent survey conducted by indicates that the rising cost of health care is impacting the financial security of retirees.

According to a recent article published by NBC News, 'medical insurance for those 65 and older increased by nearly 15%," the article goes on to note that "this is almost doubt almost double the pace of inflation."

Legend Chief Healthcare Correspondent and ATW Health Solutions President Dr. Knitasha V. Washington stated, "allow me to be clear upfront, there are many confounding variables that impact the prices we as consumers of health care pay. Which means there is no one easy fix. Increased health care costs disproportionately affect people living on fixed incomes." She added this timely advice,"consider purchasing insurance rider that provides added protections. As a person preparing to retire within the next 10 years, I recently purchased life insurance that has a rider for home care coverage. So, check your coverage, do your homework, and consider all your options."


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