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Creating wellness spas with a purpose, Miriam Seferian inspires

Miriam Seferian is a Spa Development Consultant who founded Shenkha in 1997 as a way to help people around the world stay healthy. With a bespoke approach, Seferian creates wellness programs for hotels around the world, designed to enhance the customer experience and put them in a better place both physically and mentally.

Her unique approach combines disciplines including health, fitness, nutrition, dieting, and life coaching, which cater to the needs of hotel demographics and clientele.

Now more so than ever, people are under stress and when visiting a hotel, even when that visit is work-related, it's important for people to have spas available that will cater to needs. Seferian not only helps hotels cater to those needs but she also takes a personal approach, handpicking hotel staff and training them to run her world-famous programs.

When asked why she has dedicated her life to helping hotels create new and exciting spas, she told Legend simply "I wanted to help people to live better lives."

Not only is she doing that but she is making a real difference in the lives of many who are now learning how to cope and thrive in the "new normal" 2021 era.


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