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Investigative Report: African Orphan Educational Foundation Harassment and Cover-up Scandal

The African Orphan Educational Foundation (AOEF), under the leadership of its Founder and Director, Kathie Kreh, also known as Katherine Collins, is facing allegations of bullying and discriminatory practices. Our investigative team has uncovered troubling information suggesting misconduct within the organization, particularly in relation to the treatment of a former Vice President, Dr. Ariel King.

Dr. King has come forward with allegations of mistreatment by Katherine Kreh Collins and the AOEF. According to Dr. King, she was instructed by Collins to purchase international plane tickets for a fundraising event in April 2024, with the promise of reimbursement. However, shortly after making the purchase, Dr. King was informed that she was no longer the designated speaker for the event. Despite fulfilling her commitment and incurring expenses at the organization's request, Dr. King was not reimbursed for the airfare.

Furthermore, Dr. King was unexpectedly removed from her position as Vice President and Chair of the Young Leaders and the International Advisory Board without her knowledge or input. This abrupt decision was communicated to her in a letter from Katherine Kreh Collins, citing a board meeting where Dr. King was allegedly voted out of her roles within the organization.

These actions raise serious concerns about the conduct and values of the African Orphan Educational Foundation. The apparent lack of transparency, communication, and fairness in handling Dr. King's situation points to potential bullying and discriminatory practices within the organization. Additionally, the failure to reimburse Dr. King for expenses incurred at the organization's behest raises questions about the financial integrity and accountability of AOEF.

Our investigation seeks to shed light on these troubling allegations and hold the African Orphan Educational Foundation accountable for its actions. We have reached out to the organization for comment on the matter and will continue to pursue the truth in the interest of transparency and justice.

Despite our efforts to seek clarification and responses from Kathie Kreh, Founder and Director of the African Orphan Educational Foundation (AOEF), regarding the serious allegations brought forth in our investigation, we have received no response to our inquiries. This lack of engagement raises further concerns about transparency and accountability within the organization.

The unanswered questions posed to Kathie Kreh regarding the allegations of bullying, alignment of conduct with the organization's mission and values, and the principles of equality and fairness in the treatment of staff members, particularly Dr. Ariel King, remain unresolved. The dismissal of an African woman and her replacement with a white colleague after failing to compensate her raises significant questions about the commitment of AOEF to upholding principles of equality, fairness, and inclusivity within its operations.

The silence from the leadership of AOEF in the face of these serious allegations is troubling and does little to restore confidence in the organization's commitment to ethical conduct and respect for its staff and stakeholders. It is essential for organizations like AOEF to address allegations of misconduct promptly, transparently, and with a commitment to accountability in order to uphold their credibility and integrity.

As this investigation concludes, we urge the leadership of the African Orphan Educational Foundation to reflect on the findings presented and take decisive action to address the issues raised. Transparent communication, accountability for past actions, and a commitment to fostering a culture of respect and fairness are essential for the organization to move forward in a manner that upholds its stated mission and values.

The welfare and dignity of all individuals associated with AOEF, particularly those who have experienced mistreatment or discrimination, must be prioritized in any actions taken by the organization moving forward. It is our hope that this investigation serves as a catalyst for positive change within AOEF and leads to a renewed commitment to ethical practices, inclusivity, and accountability in all aspects of its operations.


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