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Jade Brandais leans to peek curiously into the foyer at the Andaz Hotel, right in the hub of San Diego's Comic-Con International weekend, when she spots something that makes her chuckle. “The costumes here are amazing!,” she says, shaking her head with amusement. “I'm heading upstairs to the NBC Digital Party right after this, and I'm curious if the other Celebs will be in costume! It is Comic-Con, after all!” This time of year in San Diego, Hollywood does tend to make the most of the spotlight. As the boutique hotel rooftop begins filling with the A-list, Brandais makes a suitably elegant addition to the surroundings. Her silk Dolce & Gabbana top with dark-wash jeans, and long dark locks, are something quintessential of Old Hollywood. “I just went to the Her Universe Fashion Show on Thursday, and wow, was it was spectacular!” That's quite a compliment, coming from a woman who is likely to show up on a “Best Dressed” list very soon.

Yet beyond her timeless elegant style, Jade Brandais prominently stands out among the ever-changing world of technology and innovation. A graduate of USC, Jade is so diligently working to leave her mark on the millennial generation that she has been termed the "New Mark Zuckerberg” by colleagues. Jade is poised to launch a phenomenal social media platform designed to..... Well, we can't give you that information just yet.

Legend Magazine was excited to get an exclusive one-on-one interview with Jade on her trip to the world-renown San Diego Comic-Con International. Join Legend Magazine for a tantalizing conversation with this technology mastermind as she shares her joys, challenges, and unique advice to inspire future innovators.


Thank you for meeting with us during San Diego Comic-Con. This event is iconic worldwide, and crosses all genres - from the Hottest in Entertainment to the Newest in Technology. How do you think events such as this set the pace for tech developers and creators?

Jade Brandais:

It's a great platform to test the market for your brand and company. You get a unique opportunity to see how people genuinely respond to your brand, and investigate how it relates across varied cultures and demographics. SDCC [San Diego Comic Con] is an excellent place to see how people respond to the market. It gives perspective in determining how to best match and adjust products to current market needs. That's why the film big studios have such a large presence here. They're doing the same thing.


You've been called a Technology Innovator. Technology continues to surprise us with better and more streamlined processes. What do you think is still missing on the technology scene? Are social media platforms meeting the needs of business?

Jade Brandais:

I believe that what's missing is the ability for businesses to use technology as a truly efficient tool. There's a need to bridge technology with real life experiences. For example, people are taking pictures

and posting online, but in so doing, they're unable to fully experience those moments. It pulls people further apart from real life. That gap desperately needs to be filled.


Most social media programs have become platforms for Lifestyle & Entertainment. How do you think this has affected how users think and see the world? Do you have any advice for users to more efficiently use technology, and get the most out of their experiences?

Jade Brandais:

Connecting with people on social media can be a great tool. However, it's time to take it a step further and cultivate real relationships. Some try so hard to inflate their image online, instead of building real relationships with their connections. It's time to take the online world offline.


As far as young leaders in technology development, you are joining the ranks of Zuckerberg and Jan Koum. What helps keep you focused on your work, and on the needs yet to be filled in the space of technology?

Jade Brandais:

It's actually very difficult for many people to take the necessary steps away from an “online barometer” and instead cultivate real personal relationships. One thing that motivates me is exactly that: the desperate need to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds. And by that, I mean: let's take relationships beyond 'likes' and 'follows'. Social media relationships are obscure, and the need for cultivation and enhancement is very real. My mission is to help people use technology as it was intended – as “a tool” to enhance life, business, and relationships.


What challenges are associated with being a leading woman in the field of technology?

Jade Brandais:

Being a woman in Tech has advantages and disadvantages. Yes, it's predominately male-run, and I find that I have to prove myself even more than my counterparts. Just as Mark Zuckerberg blazed the trail for youths to become technology innovators, I would like to open up those same doors for women.


With that in mind, do you have any advice for women in Tech, or seeking a career in the field?

Jade Brandais:

There's a tactical way to go after your dreams. Do your research. Methodically gather the right team to support you, recruit the right friends, and figure out your game-plan! Don't be afraid to risk it all. Yes, it's scary to quit your day job, not knowing what will happen. But if you have a revolutionary idea that could change the world - take the risk!

Just fifty years ago, no one could have imagined what the world of technology would be doing for us today. So don't give up on your dreams! It just might be your idea that takes us to the next leap.

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