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7 Social Media Sites That Produce Leads and Number 4 Will Shock You!

Social Media is here to stay and as a business professional you need to know which ones have the greatest relevance to your business growth! We have comprised a list of 7 vital social media sites every business professional and company should remain active on, as well as how such sites positively impact revenue.


Twitter is an excellent way to brand yourself as an expert and generate potential leads for your company. People thrive off of positive feedback and genuine personal interest. Reach out to people you are interested in working with and give them genuine commendation. Build a professional relationship with them. Also, post topics relevant insights and tips that aligned with your brand. Chance are that if your follower is in need of your service they will reach out to you because you have built a trusting relationship with them!

If you are not sure how to use Twitter skilfully, be sure to look in July's edition for more Twitter branding insights!

#2. Facebook

Facebook is an excellent way to connect with potential business leads, but your approach has to lower the defences of potential lead by establishing a sense of commonality, friendliness and personal interest. Most people hop on Facebook to relax, catch up with friends and just post fun or random videos or pictures. So take that angle! Post a fun, cute or funny original picture and or video that still has a message for your potential clients. There is so much more to say here so keep on the look our for more Facebook insights in future issues of Legend Magazine.

#3. Youtube

Youtube is another excellent tool to generate business leads, but you have to go about it the right way. People don't hop on Youtube to be bored to death with advertisements. They hop on Youtube to be entertained! Find a way to entertain potential leads while pitching them your product. Your objective should not be to sell but to build a trusting relationship. If people like you personally then they are more likely to want to do business with you!

#4. About me

About who? Most of you out there probably very little or nothing about, but there are great reasons why About me is excellent for leads! It is a great resource to post your professional biography, picture and resume that let's potential clients know that you are a trusted source! The platform is designed to encourage positive interactions among business professionals from all over the world. I'm sure you will agree that this can lead to greater business opportunities. Once you hop on the platform, it is fun and easy to use!

#5. Google Plus

Anytime someone sends you an e-mail you can add them to your Google Plus network. It is a great way to stay in contact with past, present and future clients! Any post you publish on Google Plus can be sent directly to your network personal e-mail, allowing you the stay in touch and keep yours business relationship thriving. The same rules for content apply her as with Facebook and Youtube.

#5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn can become your new best friend in business if you know how to use it properly. Personal connections are key in building business leads. Don't sell people on LinkedIn. The last thing people want to see is an advertisement on LinkedIn for your company. Learn how to engage prospect clients with information and relevant business articles that you originate and publish yourself online. You must become viewed as an expert in your field or craft if you want people to go to you with their business. Also, building a personal business friendship with them online will drastically increase your chances of being their go-to choice when they have a need for your services.

#7. Instagram

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, if that is the case then your the pictures you post on Instagram will reveal much about your character, brand and business philosophy more than words can relate. Although it is trendy to post famous quotes on Instagram, which we also recommend you do; think outside the box and find a way to generate excitement, interest, and buzz about your brand by skillfully using pictures. You're probably wondering what pictures you should post, right? Remember, you are the expert in your field. Explore yourself, study your competition and trust in your abilities to meet the task. Every post may not yield the same results. Trial and error will truly be part of the learning process but by all means have fun. Great content generates leads!

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