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Road Rage May Kill You

The road rage incident involving the shooting and death of Former New Orleans Saint Will Smith on April 9, 2016, is painful to hear. It surrounds a subject of increasing concern in the United States related road rage violence.

Will Smith's death among the death of many others in 2016 that resulted from road rage incidents is a stark reminder of the seriousness of the situation.

Had the incident not resulted in a heated exchange of words behind the victim and assailant, would Will Smith still be alive today?

Had the assailant remained calm and return to his car to call the police, would he now be facing charges of second-degree murder?

These questions are a timely reminder that all actions have consequences and that our positive decision making even in heated situations can in one form or the other, save our lives.

Legend Magazine has composed a few reminders to assist our Legendary readers in taking charge of their life and making positive decisions even in difficult situations.

Use Reason

Giving drivers the benefit of the doubt may help us keep calm while driving on the road. Did the person cut us off? Maybe they have a lot on their mind and really didn't see us. Is the person tailgating us? Perhaps there is an emergency at home or they could be late for work. Is the driver acting hostile? Perhaps they had a bad day or lose a loved one in death. By using our power of reason, we can consider alternatives reason for poor driving behaviors and use that as a means of staying calm in te situation.

Who's Hurt?

In cases of road rage, often times it is our pride and sense of entitlement to fairness that causes us to become angry. In these situations, however, maintaining self-control is necessary if we are to avoid altercations that can quickly become fatal conflicts.

Is it necessary to insist on our rights every time? In some cases, would it be best to just "let things go" to keep peace on the road?

When you encounter and an incident that makes you angry, Legend encourages our educated readers to ask themselves these thought provoking questions.

What will getting angry accomplish?

Will my angry words cause this person or their passenger to respond with violence?

What danger may I be putting myself or my family in if I were to engage in angry behavior on the road?

Am I willing to spend the rest of my life in jail for someone who clearly need help to become a better driver?

According to data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2013 saw 247 fatal accidents that resulted from road rage.

As a gauge of interstate rage, these figures are an extreme undercount due to the fact that they only include fatal car accidents, not shootings as a result of road rage.

We desire none of our knowledgeable readers to become another road rage statistic. The choice is up to us. We are confident that all of you Legends know exactly what to do.

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