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5 Ways In Getting Your Men to Trust You

The story is as probably one as old as time itself. The man seeks to understand woman and the woman seeks to get the man to open up about his real feelings. In this article, we are going to explore 5 fundamental ways in getting a man to open up about how he really feels.

For a man to tell you what's really going on in his heart he has to trust you one hundred percent. For men, giving one hundred percent trust is very rear, but do not despair. In time, you may be able to earn a man's full trust by following these 5 simple guidelines.

Confirm Respect

For a man to give 100% trust he needs to know how much you respect him. By confirming your love for him in areas of his life, you may in time earn his full trust. For example, if the man does not want to talk about a certain subject, kindly acknowledging his feelings and acquiescing to his wishes to end a conversation will endear you to the man, making you more trustworthy in his eyes. This is a sign that you respect him and he will trust you more as a result.


Your respect for the man can also be demonstrated in a taking a non-judgmental approach. If your man feels like he is being judged negatively by you on the big and small decision he makes, he may subconsciously view you as untrustworthy and therefore not deserving of his more intimate and private thoughts. To counter a this, try a more non-judgmental approach. Does your man have manners that irritate you to know the end and you feel the need to remind him of it every second you get? Instead, try to gloss over minor annoyances with love, kindness, and forgiveness. A forgiving and non-judgmental spirit may help you break down the walls men set up to protect themselves emotionally.


Reaffirm your confidence in his ability to lead and make good decisions. A man thrives in a relationship where his talents, abilities, and gifts are appreciated. By reaffirming your confidence in his ability to lead and make good decisions, you are letting him know that you trust him fully and in turn, he will trust YOU more. Even if he makes a bad decision, express confidence in his ability to adjust and move the relationship and or family in the right direction. This lets the man know that even if he lapses in judgment at times, YOU still believe in him. This will make him more comfortable in acknowledging his own flaws and trusting that you won't use those against him at some later date and time.

Keep A Confidence

Keep a confidence relates to not revealing publicly a man's flaws that he has disclosed to you privately. When the man can express himself freely without fear of you going to tell your family, friends, and colleagues, he will come to view you as a more trustworthy source and in time grant you more trust. Granted, you may reason in your mind that if you tell only one person he won't find out, however, by telling one person you have already broken his trust and if he does indeed find out you may never gain that trust back again.

Really Listen

If you have a tendency to cut the man off when he is sharing a story or talking about his day then chances are that you are only getting the surface of what's going on in the man's heart. No one enjoys being cut off, however, unlike women who may be more inclined to voice their feeling when they feel like they are being cut off, men may respond by being more reserved and quiet. This is not a good sign and calling him on it may only make matters worse. Instead of asking him why he's more reserved, slow down and ask him about his day. When he talks, take the time to really listen without interrupting him or sharing a similar experience of yours. Ask him questions about his statements and allow him to take you deeper into his thoughts. Men don't always like talking about their day initially so a good way to lead into the topic is to ask him about a project, a goal or a hobby. Start the conversation off light and let if flow naturally. If you take this kind of personal interest in the man he may grant you access to his deeper feelings and thoughts in good time.

Remember, it takes time to gain a man's full trust. Don't despair if your immediate efforts are not reaping the results you've hoped for. It may take months before the man realizes that your respect as expressed in a non-judgmental attitude, personal interest and a variety of other ways is truly genuine. In time, you may earn not only one hundred percent of his trust but also one hundred percent of his heart.

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