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The Advantages of Real Estate Investment In Canada with Julian Clas, Vice President of Landmark Cap

The Advantages of Real Estate Investment In Canada (Exclusive Interview) with Julian Clas, Vice President at Landmark Capital, LEGEND MENS MAGAZINE

Julian Clas, Vice President at Landmark Capital, began his finance career straight out of high school. The introduction to the finance world began in a small HSBC Branch in Toronto as a teller. Julian grew to enjoy the banking environment, especially the investment division of the banking world. During his time as a teller, he obtained his mutual fund's license and moved into an account manager role. This role is where he directly helped his clients make proper credit and investment decisions. In search of future growth potential, which has a larger presence in the Toronto market. Gathering 5 years of experience in the banking industry, he decided to take his knowledge and experience into the alternative investment market, beginning with an investor relations role at one of the largest real-estate investment firms in North America.

Landmark Capital Ltd is where Julian now calls home, his position as Vice President of Business development is just a small chapter in Julian's progression. Landmark has provided him the opportunity to build an army of agents, and now in 2017, another milestone has occurred in Julian's career, he is part owner of Landmark's newest strategy to create an exempt market dealer (EMD).

His telling interview can now be read our latest issue of LEGEND!

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