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3 Secrets to Getting Bigger Arms

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Imagine the thrill of having arms so big that they turn heads and stand out in a crowd! Let's face it, every person that has ever touched a weight, dumbbell or barbell has been fixated on one thing, how to get bigger arms! Although it might seem to be a hard task to getting bigger arms, there are simple tips that can be put into practice to easily fetch you the kind of arms you are looking for. Humans do not choose the types of bodies they are born with, but there is always a way of improving on the different features to suit the desires of the individual in question.

There are three “secrets to big arms” we’ve found. The first of these “secrets” are some of the best exercises to train for bigger arms.

The two other “secrets” are truly two uncommon methods for building bigger arms. Keep reading to find out more about these two methods.

The Exercises for Bigger Arms

1. Forearm raises

This next exercise is simple, but it will leave you gasping for air if done correctly. Sit with your elbows on your knees and your dumbbell between them. Try and find a dumbbell which you can hold both sides with two hands. Try out overhand grip. Keeping your arms still, lift the dumbbell with your wrists. Find a weight that you can lift for a considerable amount of time since your forearms are naturally weaker than your biceps.

2. Triceps Pushdown

Tie the band around a pole or tree or anything that will allow tying the band and stepping back enough, so the resistance increases to a moderate level. With one handle in each hand push down the tubing going from a 90-degree angle formed by your forearms to a nearly extended arm. Repeat the motion.

3. Bicep curls

In our modern day, there's a lot of societal pressure to be big and strong, especially by big-name movie stars. With the bicep curl, you should be sure your arm will get stronger.

Start by standing up straight. The dumbbell should be by your side. Facing your hand towards the sky, lift the dumbbell up.

This next part is essential. Make sure you stabilize your elbow and keep it from moving too much. You're trying to isolate your upper arm. If you find that your forearm has to move, then change to a lower weight.

BONUS TIP: To make it your arm grow faster, try and progressively increase the weight each set. So you might do 10 reps at 10 kgs, then 10 reps at 11, then 10 at 12.

Also, try out different variations of the bicep curl to hit your bicep from all different angles.

These include:

-Concentration Curls -Standing Bicep Curls -Barbell or dumbbell or machine curls -Hammer Curls

Hammer curls are a double exercise for forearms and biceps.

Simply grip a dumbbell in each hand and move the weight up and down as if swinging a hammer. A big difference is the speed you should be moving the weight. Move the weight up and down slowly, and not wildly. This is how you hit the muscles in an effective manner.

These will make your biceps and forearms grow like CRAZY if you do them consistently and with enough caloric intake.

Train Your Grip

This is a little different than specific exercises.

If you begin training your grip strength like it’s your job your arms will blow up like balloons. Your forearms will not only be strong as an oak tree, but your grip will be insanely strong.

The best way to do this is by focusing on lifting heavy weights and concentrating on every rep you lift.

Some good ways to do this are:

Heavy Deadlifts Heavy shrugs, farmer walks, and curls Different ways to grip weights, especially on the deadlift

Train Frequently

You thought this was going to be a real secret, didn’t you? Well, in the fitness world, it’s the most obvious things that are really secrets.

Begin prioritizing your arms when training. You should be training arms at least two times a week. If you go with prioritizing arms, try two different methods:

Two intense, volume-heavy sessions a week. Three, less volume-heavy sessions but you hit more reps and sets overall for the week.

Pick whichever method works better for you and your schedule.

When you train like it’s your job, then you will get the best results you’ve ever seen.

Final Thoughts

If you follow this guide on how to get bigger arms, you will not be disappointed. This has been something that has been proven to work, and the science behind it is real. It is not "bro-science" at all. Try it out for yourself.

Note: It is important to drink adequate water and rest throughout the week for your body to function and recover optimally.

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