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An uncertain future for Puerto Rico's young as suicide risk increase

It’s been a year after hurricane Maria devastated the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. The families of nearly 3,000 deaths and many sick and hungry have been left wondering when help is coming. However, there is another problems rising.

According to sources, suicide amongst the young has increased post Maria. Many schools, where kids have spend half of their lives, have been forces to shut down. In a video published by CNN, one small boy is seen leaving his tennis shoes hanging with sand grains still in them from the last time he played in school on the soon-to-be-closed school fence.

Some still struggle to find food, as many places still don’t have electricity to keep their fridges running.

If you are a 10 year old child, one year is a long time to go through such traumatic events, such as the aftermath of a destructive hurricane, and this leaves these kids feeling hopeless over time. Dr. James Norcross, from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center said that the “hopelessness” these kids are feeling has been the direct result of the circumstances in Puerto Rico.

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