• Joseph Bonner

Book Review: Diversity and Inclusion The Submarine Way

Finally, we've found people who entirely get the concept of diversity and inclusion in the workforce! Deborah Cake Fortin and John Gregory Vincent are inclusion and diversity experts who have teamed up to produce a most epic guide for companies looking to better incorporate diversity and inclusion through a proven strategy that is aimed at not only doing the right thing but also improving company productivity. Diversity and Inclusion The Submarine Way, is an excellent read with timeless principles to guide every company to success by incorporating a superb strategy for diversity and inclusion. What exactly do submarines have to do with diversity and inclusion? We're glad you asked! Well, John spent many years working on submarines that run by a key system which allows people from different ages, races, and backgrounds to work harmoniously together for a specific purpose by utilizing the talents of everyone on board. Deborah helped John rediscover the fundamental building block to diversity and inclusion that the Navy incorporated during his time in the military. Together, they present their findings in a real-world application form to assist organizations and corporations around the world to successfully tackle the global issue of diversity and inclusion. The lessons learned are unforgettable! The eye-opening formula of The Submarine Way to tackle the business-related issues surrounding diversity and inclusion is just what the world needs right now as companies face greater scrutiny for the lack of diversity seen in senior management and the lack of including most minorities in the decision-making process. For many companies and employees, this book is an answer to hundreds of thousands of prayers. Not only does Diversity and Inclusion The Submarine Way successfully provide a reliable solution to the problem, but it also highlights the extreme bottom line value companies experience from giving serious attention to their diversity and inclusion strategy. We highly recommend this book to any company looking to improve their company productivity, bottom line, employee turnover rate, customer satisfaction, and local, national and international image. This is definitely one of the best guides out there! Diversity is not only the right thing to do it is also the profitable thing to do, and Deborah and John are leaders in the initiative to makes this world a better place for every company and everyone.


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