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New ‘Palm’ phone to be released in November

Palm phones have been popular for years as compliments to your current large-screened smartphone. A way to think about them is as a “larger Smartwatch,” rather than a smaller phone, as they can do everything a Smartwatch does, in a slightly bigger screen, but with less humph than a smartphone.

Palm phones are being marketed to people who want to stay connected, but do not want to spend to much time on their Smartphones. Since they are compact in size, they can be carried easier in your pocket than, say, an iPhone Plus, a Moto Z3, or an LG-V. The new Palm comes with a 12MP camera and a 3.3-inch, 445-ppi LCD display.

These phones are to be added to whatever plan you already have (Verizon) for an extra $10-per-month, and the device itself is $349 U.S dollars.

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