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MIRROR - The “next and newest screen in your life since the iPhone”

Imagine having your own personal trainer at home and can coach you through a workout at any time doing any type of training. Whether you want to learn yoga, pilates or boxing, all you have to do is to get a MIRROR - a mirror-like ‘smart’ screen where you can have on-demand or live trainings for workout of just about any type.

The cost? $1500 up front for the equipment, plus a $40 monthly subscription for the unlimited live and on-demand workouts.

MIRROR’s founder Brynn Putnam has taken her company to a whole new level by ensuring they have a share in the $83 billion dollar per year global fitness industry by raising $38 million in venture funding. Having your own personalized trainer connect with you using technology can open a whole new world of possibilities for everyone who wants to enjoy a nice workout without having to leave your home.

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