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Women drugged and sexually assaulted while on Facebook Live over the weekend

By: Joseph Bonner

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Jasmine Eiland was attending a social function in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend when she was drugged and sexually assaulted on Facebook Live.

After being approached by an unidentified man who buys her a drink, the two carry on a lengthy conversation about family and work as they make their way on to the dance floor.

In the Facebook Live video, a drug, identified by one FB Live viewer as Ketamine, was seen floating around in her drink during the broadcast.

In the video below, Jasmine can be seen thanking the man for buying the drink.

At some point during the video, Jasmine appears to become less coherent, telling FB Live viewers that she is intoxicated after only having two drinks.

In a later FB Live video, later taken down by Facebook, the man in the video can be seen behind Jasmine during the sexual assault.

In the video, Jasmine can be heard asking the man to stop, crying and whimpering as she pleads to her FB Live viewers and anyone around to please help her.

While there are numerous people standing around while the sexual assault is taking place, no one helps her even after she placed on the floor where it appears the assault continues for a time.

According to sources, Jasmine later went to the ER, was in tears saying that she wanted to die.

The man in the video has not yet been identified and it is still unclear if local authorities have been notified.

If you have any information on this case, please contact Investigative Reporter Joseph Bonner via Twitter or Facebook

Twitter: @mrjosephbonner

Facebook: @mrjosephbonner

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