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Norfolk Police Department Inspires Millions with Bruno Mars Lip Sync

Written By: Joseph Bonner

Facebook: @mrjosephbonner

When the Norfolk Police Department responded to a Lip Sync challenge by the Corinth Police Department, Texas, they never imagined that their video would go viral to the point of having some 79 million views on Facebook.

If you're not impressed by the fact that they shot the video using an iPhone on their lunch break, you are sure to be impressed by the fact that they only did one shoot so as to eliminate the need to do edits!

Norfolk Police Department Inspires Millions

First Row (Left to Right): Cpl. William D. Pickering Jr., Off. Christopher Taveras “Bruno Mars”, Off. Jo Ann Hughes | Second Row (Left to Right): Off. Kyle Boone, Off. King | Third Row: Off. Montrell Martin

Singing "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars, the Norfolk Police Department has since been flooded with over 100,000 comments from people all over the world commending them for the fun and happy spirit they bring to the community and to the world.

In addition to great singing and dancing, the Norfolk Police Department is doing some great things in the community to help build strong and meaningful community relations.

"Over the past two years, Chief Boone has worked hard to strengthen our community outreach into our communities to touch the hearts and minds of our citizens and officers," states Cpl. William D. Pickering Jr. He continues, "We now have over 25 community engagement initiatives which promote stronger, lasting, positive, and authentic relationships with our community members. Also, in 2018, we celebrated back to back, double-digit reductions in crime. Not to mention the lowest reported crime in 34 years!

Some of the programs the Norfolk Police Department run for the community are as follows:


• LEC Chess

• Youth Academy

• FIVE and Fades

• Coffee with a Cop

• Building Relations BEFORE Graduation

• Norfolk Finest and Furriest

• Stand up Speak Out (Teens with a Purpose)

• PAL Summer Camps

• Bike Rodeos

• Just the FACTS tour

• Shoot Hoops NOT Guns


It is clear that the Norfolk Police Department is genuinely committed to protecting and serving their community and by example, they are setting the bar high for police departments globally.

They are all a breath of fresh air in this crazy world we're living in and have not only made a difference in their community but have lastingly made a meaningful difference in this world.


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