• Joseph Bonner

Colorado school shooting could have been avoided according to one parent

According to the mother of a student attending STEM School Highlands, students were in a "pressure cooker" environment and the school tragedy could have been avoided.

She mentioned to CNN that she heard reports of violence, sexual assault, and bullying. She stated that her child was stressed out and not getting enough sleep at night.

She called a county school board member because she feared a tragedy like Columbine on the horizon.

The school disputes the allegations and has filed a defamation lawsuit against her but Bully Avengers Anti-Bullying Founder Joseph Bonner says that "schools nationwide are overwhelmed with bullying and often do not follow through on bullying allegations that are deemed non-life-threatening. " Bonner continues " but it's those non-life-threatening allegations that can turn deadly and school need to be held accountable for failure to enforce their anti-bullying policies that result in death, suicide and school shootings."


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