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Artificial intelligence is taking over the classroom - Should educators and parents be concerned?

Artificial intelligence is taking over the classroom - Should educators and parents be concerned?

We’ve seen the movies and TV series directing how Artificial intelligence (AI) will one day take over the world and be responsible for the elimination of mankind. From the 2001 movie “AI” directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Joel Osment as well as the more recent hit series “The 100’s,” AI’s appear to be more problematic than helpful but the reality is that AI’s are now impacting the classrooms with amazing results that create a better learning experience for our children.

AI has already been impacting child education for several years now. AI in education was expected to grow 47.77% between 2018 and 2022, according to Research and Markets.

Rainbow Chefs Academy Founder Svetlana Elgart states, “Another big trend for 2022 in Ed Tech K-12 is Artificial Intelligence. She adds, “ It's showing up in everything from classroom management to cybersecurity. A fear many educators have when they hear about AI is that technology will take over aspects of their job or replace them altogether.”

That fear appears to be unfounded and without merit though. Why?

In part, because artificial intelligence is allowing educators to personalize learning for each student. For example, Carnegie Learning uses AI technology to provide real-time adaptation to each student's level while providing youths with educational assessments and providing them guided instructions to aid them at becoming proficient in the subject.

Other schools are using AI tutors and chatbots to provide at home and in classroom assistance to students needing more support out of the classroom on a subject.

For Early Childhood Education students, AI’s are being used by educators to create fun and interactive games to assist in academic skill building for common core objectives.

From creating data and analytics and supporting educators in scheduling, grading and overall class management, these AI’s are in allowing educators to spend more time with students in the class by completing various tasks that would normally be time consuming for a teacher.

So it appears that educators and concerned parents don’t have to worry about AI teachers taking over the classroom and plotting to take over the world. Instead, AI’s are becoming classroom essential to ensure every student has personalized assistance in reaching their academic goals. Now, if anyone can direct a movie about that, Mr. Spielberg would definitely be the one!


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