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Bible students standing trial for their faith in God in Russia may be precursors to WWIII

Russia seems to have little regard for the international community and by actions views the United Nations and western countries ideals of freedom of religion an ancient costume that holds no place under the Russian Federation.

Since 2017, the Russia Federation has intensified its attacks on religious minority groups under its jurisdiction that do not adhere to the Russian Orthodox faith and by this has followed the in the footsteps of the Third Reich under Hitler, who opposed all religious group not a part of the Holy See Roman Catholic Church, which launched the world into WWII.

As Russia continues to assert their international influence, their attacks on religious minor groups, establishments of new concentration camps and military aggression may be leading the world into another world war.

By the time the world stepped in, millions of Jews died at the hands of Hitler who gained prominence and success through the support of the Holy See.

It appears that Vladimir Putin and Russia are following Hitlers steps to to the letter, using the Russian Orthodox Church as a political and devious religious instrument to intensify it's crimes against humanity.

So, who are these Bible students standing trial? While there are over 70 in prison to date, here is the latest with 3 of them.

Time Line

  1. The Kalininskiy District Court of Cheboksary will soon announce its verdict in the case involving Vladimir Chesnokov, Vladimir Dutkin, and Valeriy Yakovlev. The prosecutor has yet to request a potential sentence

  2. June 7, 2021 Vladimir Chesnokov and Valeriy Yakovlev were added to the criminal case

  3. December 30, 2020 Vladimir Dutkin was charged and placed under travel restrictions

  4. November 25, 2020 A criminal case was initiated against Vladimir Dutkin, followed by a search of his home. He was taken for interrogation

Vladimir Chesnokov Born: 1959 (Bakhmutovo, Chuvash Republic) Biography: Graduated from military school as a lieutenant. He and his wife, Nina, raised three sons.

While serving in the armed forces, learned about the Bible’s promise that people will “beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears.” (Isaiah 2:4) Retired from the armed forces and was baptized in 1993

Vladimir Dutkin

Born: 1963 (Novoaltaysk, Altai Territory)

Biography: Grew up playing a variety of sports, including volleyball, football, and hockey. Works as an insurance agent

Studying Bible prophecies convinced him that Jehovah God was behind their fulfillment. Baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in 2002 Personal Comments

"After my home was searched, I prayed for joy and wisdom. During this entire time, I have thought about how my fine conduct might work to sanctify Jehovah’s name. . . . These thoughts continue to strengthen me."

Valeriy Yakovlev

Born: 1968 (Vurmankas-Yadrinо, Chuvash Republic)

Biography: Works as a plumber. Married Nadezhda in 1989. They have two sons and one daughter

Learning about the Bible’s promise of a resurrection brought him comfort.

"I focus on the blessings that Jehovah provides and on the ministry. I work to strengthen my friendship with Jehovah and always try to maintain a positive attitude toward what I am going through in that moment."


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