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Fitness Gear Must-Haves: Reviewing the Latest Exercise Equipment and Apparel

Whether you’re a gym rat or simply looking to improve your workout experience, you’re likely to come across these products at some point. This article provides a short review of each so that you’ll know which might work best in your fitness routine.


1.     Oofos Footwear


One of the newest products on this list, Oofos footwear claims to cushion your stride to promote active recovery. Their proprietary OOFoamTM technology reduces stride impact and load by 88%, making sure that your body can prioritize recovery without limiting your mobility. Their products are available in a variety of shapes and models ranging in price from $59.95 for slides up to $149.95 for a pair of sneakers. This footwear can be an invaluable tool for anyone prone to impact-related exercise stress.


2.     Whoop & Oura Fitness Trackers


Although wearable fitness trackers have existed for some time, this new generation of fitness tracker technology – led by the companies Whoop and Oura – offer far more data and functionality than their predecessors. Both offer heart rate, sleep, and stress tracking, and calculate how lifestyle variables might affect those metrics, but differ in both affordability and style. The Oura is worn as a ring and boasts a low monthly subscription of only $4.99/month, but has a high upfront price of $299 for their standard Heritage model. Whoop, on the other hand, will send you their wearable band for free but using the band requires a monthly subscription of $30.00/month.



FORM made quite a splash several years ago with the introduction of their innovative Smart Swim goggles, but were plagued by customer complaints of frequent water leaks, unreliable data, and high rates of wear and tear. This April, the company introducing their new model, the FORM Smart Swim 2, hoping to improve on the previous model’s shortcomings. Although these goggles tailored for open-water, triathlon, and distance swimming by offering open-water navigation and stroke rate, they can be an invaluable component of any avid swimmer’s fitness routine if the $249 price tag is within your price range.



Do you have sore or flat feet? Weak ankles? Poor balance? The Foot Collective’s innovative new equipment seeks to help alleviate these complaints by allowing buyers to exercise and manipulate the muscles in the arches of their feet. As of the writing of this article, the kit is out of stock on the Foot Collective’s website, and carries a rating over 4.86 out of a possible 5 stars in the strength of almost four hundred reviews. Needless to say, this product is popular for a reason – if you struggle with any of these things, this kit is the one to buy.


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