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Meet Singer, Songwriter & Lyrical Advocate Lynnaya (Songbird)

Meet Singer, Songwriter & Lyrical Advocate Lynnaya (Songbird)
Meet Singer, Songwriter & Lyrical Advocate Lynnaya (Songbird)

Thank you for taking the time to interview with us Lynnaya! Tell us what you do professionally!

Lynnaya: I am a singer, songwriter and lyrical advocate

Tell us more about why you got started.

Lynnaya: I have been a mulit-genre music lover my whole life and wrote lyrics/melody of my own since i can remember. I was five, writing about clouds (what five year olds write about :) and it came so naturally to me i began writing notebooks full of them regularly. I improved this skill even as i went into the military, and took my singing to another level in HN school and my first duty station. After the military a lot of people told me i should publish and it wasn't until "Hell No" that i posted my first song on YouTube. Some health and personal family issues arised and my latest song wasn't until last year. My "No Waitin" 90's vibe song with the intention of bringing various ages of family members together, was published on Spotify and has about 45, 000 listeners to date. :)

What are some of your latest products, services and programs you are offering in 2023?

Lynnaya: Currently I am working on a project with Straight Money Music Group including two radio release singles. I am also awaiting two soon-to-be released music videos on both the YouTube channel for VoltronProductions Studios, as well as on Roku. Most recently I was also offered a part in an animated series as a voiceover actress. I am excited for all of it!

What are some of your professional and personal goals for 2023?

Lynnaya: Professional and personal goals are going hand in hand for me lately as part of my mission in music is to be an advocate for those who are domestic abuse surviors like myself. Veterans with daily struggles like myself as well; who can find their outlet (mine is in my music.

If you can name two words that best describe you what would they be?

Lynnaya: Positive & Driven

Favorite place to eat and why?

Lynnaya: I am currently on a keto journey so this is more restricted now, but with great benefits. My fav used to be authentic Italian joints, but now it's seafood ones.

Any favorite animals?

Lynnaya: Yes, I love all animals that don't bite me. lol.

Advice From Music Sensation Lynnaya Songbird

Promotion is essential, not nice to have.

Write only when your heart is pouring out the words

Stay genuine to your concept

If you didn't experience it and can't empathize with it, dont approach it.

Limitations only apply to the dead. Be smart, plan...but Don't live your life as if you are already gone.

You can also connect with Lynnaya (Songbird) on social media

Be Sure To Check Out "No Waitin" now playing on Spotify!



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