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Tips on Successfully Managing and Coping with Epilepsy

Tips on Successfully Managing and Coping with Epilepsy

It began with a whisper of things you could accomplish, then the shadow of doubt crept in, launching you into an oblivion of untidy thoughts. How do I change the world? This world, my world. How do I let the light back in? It is easy to give up, especially when you're battling epilepsy. I suffered from epilepsy for many years but learned to channel it as energy, fuel emotions, and refuse to let the world pass me by. You have something beyond the epilepsy box. Epilepsy is about fear and being controlled. Everything is about tiptoeing. Yet this is your life, your legacy. When you look in the mirror, do you want to see an illness? When you go to bed, do you want your bedtime tales to be of avoidance and consistent running? I've spent much of my life running, sprinting, chasing ghosts, and things that go bump in the night. In school, with epilepsy, I dealt with feeling vulnerable, afraid, overcompensating. Outside of the playground, old habits die hard. Yet I want you to know what faceless statistics won't tell you. You are dealing with something, and the world has its issues. Epilepsy and enterprise? Go for it. Live your life and stop letting the world dictate how to live it. We're here, but no one is here forever. We are on a journey of growth and learning. You are on this journey with me, an enterprise adventurer. Share it with the world. We are redefining our steps and living a life of promise. Share this with someone you love or someone you know.

"Michael Jackson Breakdancing" is what my brother and I used to call them. I have an incredibly supportive family. The blackouts, grand mal seizures - these episodes. Yet, despite the trauma, there is hope. Dealing with epilepsy can be trying. It can have a massive impact on your self-esteem, career goals, and social life. Romantically, I felt anxious about where I fit. After a seizure, I wondered if others could handle my challenges - my health, the appointments, the medicines. However, I also knew there was a massive support system out there. I was able to tap into it, championed by a headstrong mother and a family that listened tirelessly. They would take leaves of absence, missing work, school days, shifts, and days out to show that they were here, they were listening. They didn't want me to feel isolated or alone. They understood. I had been an outsider in school, an outsider in most places in my life. Yet, there is something you start to learn from not always fitting perfectly into the fold.Having epilepsy taught me to value relationships, to value the people I have around me, to love them with a fierceness and passion that would at times puzzle others. Celebrate those in your life, keep them close to you because life is very unpredictable. With the body's toxins and feeling like you are on the sidelines from certain key situations in life, there are different types of epilepsy, not just myoclonic fits. Yet, there is a push that comes with epilepsy. Seeking support and mentoring from your advisors can be helpful in counseling.Epilepsy is a common condition where sudden bursts of electrical activity in the brain cause seizures or fits.

There are numerous possible symptoms of epilepsy seizures, including uncontrollable shaking or loss of awareness of one's surroundings.Help for EpilepsyThe main treatment for epilepsy is medication to inhibit seizures.It is often unclear what causes epilepsy. In some cases, it may be hereditary or caused by brain damage resulting from severe head injuries.Treatment can significantly reduce the frequency of seizures or even eliminate them entirely for most people with epilepsy.Treatment options include:- Anti-epileptic drugs, which are the primary treatment method- Surgical removal of the portion of the brain responsible for the seizures- Implementation of a small electrical device inside the body to aid in seizure control- Adoption of a specialized diet (ketogenic diet) that can assist in seizure controlSome individuals may require lifelong treatment, although it may be possible to discontinue treatment if seizures cease over time.For more information, please visit:

Hectic Epileptic? 

HERBS that support alleviation of symptoms 

- Chamomile tea- Skullcap- Herbal teas- Dandelion tea- Hemp tea- Walks- Long walks- Groups- Socializing- Epilepsy nurse- Neurology

Have a list of time-oriented objectives so you're not overstretching yourselves and let each goal match each timeline to meet the overall plan.- Tick them off to meet that sense of accomplishment.- Write a list of things you feel you have accomplished and congratulate yourself.- List each win.

- Award and reward yourself.- List your successes and celebrate them with people who will celebrate with you.- Speak with like-minded people.- Research your items thoroughly.- Take more time and go over things more than once.- Apply things researched.


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