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5 Ways Business Pro's Use Twitter

When it comes to using Twitter for your company, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind if you want people to respond to your Tweets. I'm not big on article fluff so let's get right to the checklist. #1. Stay Relevant Post relevant facts, article and photos that genuinely represent your brand and company objectives. #2. Use Hashtags Hashtags involve using the number symbol proceeding a word, phrase or number. Example: #Business, #Invest, etc.. Use hashtags to target a specific audience. This will expand the reach of your tweets. #3. Photos Everyone loves a good photo! If you can find a great photo that fits with an article or a tweet then use it! Photos will enhance your tweet and appeal to a larger audience. #4. Engage Your Audience Talk to your followers and reach out to people. Find ways to compliment people genuinely for their tweets, profession and work. By doing so, you may build lasting professional relationships that may greatly assist you and your brand in the future. #5. Ask for Retweets The advantage of having someone retweet your tweet is that it can increase the impressions of your tweet. If you get enough retweets, your tweet may also appear on major hashtag pages, and this will even further boost the impressions of your message. The more impressions your tweet get's, the more exposure your brand get's.

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