• Joseph Bonner

Conan Takes Over Comic-Con 2017

By: Joseph Bon

We had a chance to visit Conan during Comic-Con 2017 at one of his live shows and the crowd was on fire.

The deafening roar of the crowd during Conan show was truly electrifying, and Conan could feel it, going off script on multiple occasions to tease crowd members who were more than excited to see the cast of Kingsman.

One of the highlights came when Halle Berry compared Conan to an Aperol Spritz due to his striking hair color resemblance of the fruity drink.

Perhaps the greatest moment during the show was Jeff Goldblum playing Leonard Meshbesher: Psychotherapist to the Superheros.

You have to check out the clip below!

Today is Conan's last day filming at the Spreckels theater, and you can be sure that crowds will eagerly anticipate his arrival next year.

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