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California donut shop brings community together

John and Stella Chhan own a donut shop called Donut City in Seal Beach, California. Every morning at 4:10 a.m for the last 30 years they’ve both have opened their shop with freshly baked donuts.

However, regulars began to notice that during the last few weeks, John’s wife, Stella, hadn’t been in the shop. John told his customers that Stella had suffered an aneurysm this past September 22 during a wedding party and was currently being treated at a rehabilitation facility.

Since then, local, loyal customer have been encouraging other donut-eating visitors using newsletters and by word-of-mouth to purchase donuts by the dozen as John needs to close shop early and go be with his recovering wife. Stella’s condition has improved, but, according to John, she still has a long road to a full recovery.

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