• Joseph Bonner

Facebook page glitch making business owners reconsider having a business page

Facebook has had it's a number of embarrassments this year, but this most recent one may be the nail in their figurative coffin.

Facebook pages are simple enough to create but the reality that business owners receive very little interaction from their page followers without paying for promotion is very real. However, this annoying fact is not the glitch we are referring to.

When you visit a Facebook page, on the right-hand corner you will have listed pages that are liked and pages that are similar to the current page you are on. Some business owners are seeing horrifying results with the latter feature.

For example, one family publication had listed under their similar page section, an x-rate page, completely destroying the brand image and sending mixed singles to page visitors.

Another page related to hair care products has listed under their similar pages, a politician, once again sending mixed signals to page visitors and damaging the brand's image.

While it may be popular to have a Facebook Business Page, it may do more harm to your brand then good if Facebook doesn't address the issue soon.

Since business pages are mostly used for marketing and news purposes, it may be best to just stick with a Twitter Business account.


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