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Indictment for officers involved in the murder of Tuskegee University student shot 59 times

Jamarion Robinson, Tuskegee University student, was murdered inside a Georgia apartment in 2016 by East Point Officers.

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Atlanta - Paul Howard, a Fulton County District Attorney who filed a lawsuit in December of 2018 against the US Department of Justice for federal authorities blocking prosecutors from completing their investigation with officers involved in the killing of 26-year-old Jamarion Robinson, asserted that the federal agency ignored the federal Freedom of Information Act and refused to hand over requested documents on the killing despite numerous request made.

The indictment of 3 East Point officers will be officially announced tomorrow.

In part, the officers are being charged with Felony Murder, Burglary, and Violation of Oath of an Officer and 8 additional charges.

Tuskegee University Student, Robinson was shot over 50 times by the fugitive task force in 2016 while he was visiting the home of his girlfriend in East Point, Georgia.

Robinson, who had no criminal history, was suspected in a shooting that involved East Point officers during the summer of 2016. However, when officers showed the photo of the suspect to Robinson's family on the day of the shooting, the family revealed to the officers that the man in the photo was not Robinson.

A week before the shooting, Robinson had telephoned his Tuskegee University football coach, telling him he would see him at next weeks practice. A practice he never made it to.

Robinson's mother, Monteria Robinson, only recently finished paying for the headstone on her son's grave in October of 2018. A service she had to pay out of pocket for because the life insurance company refused to pay out.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help offset the cost of legal fees. See link.


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